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"Simple but yet effective system where you can earn residual income as our resellers online for physical & digital products "


Profit Sharing As Reseller

One purpose as reseller is to benefit from discounts and getting digital products with lower subscription membership club

  • 20% discounts products
  • Free Feng Shui tools
  • Free Kua Analysis
  • Free Flying Stars Analysis
  • Free Bazi Analysis
  • Free Bone Weight Analysis
  • Free 4D Prediction
  • Free Reiki ebook
  • 3 Levels Attunement
  • Distant Healing
  • Web Hosting Discounts
  • Many free digital products

No Spam Policy

One very serious point about this reseller's membership club will be that we will never tolerate SPAMMING. This rule is simple and we want every member to abide without fail. STRICTLY NO SPAM for whatever reason you may have or thinking of. Please do spend some quality time to READ about our policy regarding spamming issue!

As we have 100% No Spam policy for our reseller's membership club, therefore if any of our Members SPAM in any way, we will REMOVE your membership immediately without consideration. Read below:


Congratulation to be a reseller for Thai amulet profit sharing!

Thai amulet profit sharing is will be one of the kind that allows you to make money as a reseller of our Membership club where you can get 20% off all online products listed in the amulet's site plus you will be getting digital ebooks and software that worths more than hundreds of dollars (solely for VIP members only and not to be distributed). It is affordable plan to be a reseller and a great way to accumulate residual income! As a reseller of this membership club, you will be able to get discounts for renting Thai amulets, Tibetan dZi and others as well as for those physical products you wish to give as a gift. No more headache to think of special gift on special occasion as it blesses the person you desire to present as a gift since it protects for health, wealth and fortune and not forgetting bonding in relationship with love ones.

As a reseller of the club, you can enjoy to building your wealth using this 4x10 method of creating your downline resellers to earn residual income and at the same time you get the benefit of discounts from your purchase online. This means that you will be forming the same downline reseller as others when you refer them to join you -

A System that you and others are under the same downline tree.

It simply means that each level of the downline is being filled from left to right without any gap as it will be compressed at all times - so you can be sure that everyone gets a part of the downline earning. One of the best kind of opportunity where you can start generating your own residual income at a low monthly cost!

As a reseller, you can start making money online while enjoying discounts for products where you can sell to others to make profits. This is definitely awesome downline reseller generator -
With great rewards of payout once you start getting referrals at every stage of each levels!

You can never imagine how you can be creating yourself a huge amount of residual income at every level of this downline referral system. Best of all, you are only making a small amount of payment from ONLY $20.00 a month!

Once you are our registered reseller, you can begin to refer others to join your downline where you will begin to receive a Referral bonus: $4.00 in ever signup registered member.

Summarizing up for the membership club: You as our reseller will receive discounts for your purchases at the site and on top of that, you will receive more than hundreds of dollars digital products that will be constantly updated whenever we have and lastly, you can generate residual income for all your referral's downline you bring as our reseller. Isn't that a great way to save and earn at the same time? What sort of payout plan? Check below:

A glance of what you can get from your downline as commission for each level below. A simple commission plan chart will show you the potential of creating a huge residual income for yourself as long as you continue referring people to register as your downline members. Isn't that a great way to build your financial empire to live a better life?
# of Members

As calculated based on the above commission chart, you will be receiving a total earnings of: $2796200

What will be our membership club price to participate?

This reseller's membership club will be at the price of only $20.00 a month with huge potential to bring residual income as stated in the above commission chart shown.

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